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Technical & Sensory Information from Cargill

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Basic Tempering Principles

Merckens Color Magic Mixing Chart

DIY Ice Cream Coating

Wilbur® Confectionery Coatings Handling Instructions

Peter's Icecap® Coatings Handling Instructions

Merckens® Rainbow™ Line Handling Instructions

Product Guides from Cargill

Wilbur Distribution Product Guide

Peter's Distribution Product Guide

Merckens Distribution Product Guide

Recipes from Cargill

Cinnamon Drop Recipes

Butterscotch Drop Recipes

Peanut Butter Drop Recipes

Merckens Recipe Flipbook

Peter's Recipe Double Peanut Caramel Clusters

Peter's Recipe Caramel Crispy Bar

Peter's Recipe Caramel Brunch Waffles

Merckens Malt Caramel Clouds

Merckens Caramel Ice Cream Topping

Merckens Caramel Apples