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  1. Hot Weather Shipping Precautions

    Hot Weather Shipping Precautions

    Summer is in full swing and lets face it, it's HOT out there! Nothing is worse for candy, especially chocolate, wax and sugar free products, than warm weather. Summer weather can make shipping these temperature sensitive products a real challenge, but at Royal Wholesale, we go above and beyond during the summer months to ensure that your shipments arrive to you in excellent condition.

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  2. Our Sweet ASTRA Marketplace & Academy Experience

    Our Sweet ASTRA Marketplace & Academy Experience

    Over the years, Royal Wholesale has attended many industry trade shows as both a guest and exhibitor. These shows have centered around everything from candy and chocolate to snacks and fancy foods. We're always looking for new shows to attend so we can stay up to date on everything going on in the confectionery industry, but we also love attending shows in other industries as well to see if we can offer our services to a new group of customers. That's why on June 26th, we exhibited for the very first time at a toy show! Not just any toy show, the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy in Philadelphia! What could possibly be better that a sweet combination of candy and toys?

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