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  1. Sweet Orange & Black Treats

    Sweet Orange & Black Treats

    If there's one thing retailers hate most, it's getting stuck with holiday merchandise after the holiday is over. There's nothing worse than marking items 50 percent off or more when you paid full price for them. One sweet way you can avoid some of these issues is by purchasing holiday colored treats in addition to holiday-specific items. Holiday colored treats can easily be incorporated into your every day candy selection once the holiday has passed so that you don't have to put them on sale. This purchasing tactic can help you keep your profit margin high, especially if you do it for every holiday. Below are some of our favorite orange and black treats for Halloween to help you get started purchasing holiday colored treats.

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  2. Candies To Suit Everyone's Tastes

    Candies To Suit Everyone's Tastes

    Everyone loves candy. But not everyone loves the same candy. But the good news is, our website makes it easy to pick and choose which types of candies you need to appeal to the everyone's tastes and needs. How? With a wholesale candy site that allows you to search by almost every type of category you can possibly think of. Here are a couple to get you started:

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  3. The History of Chocolate: Everyone's Favorite Sweet

    The History of Chocolate: Everyone's Favorite Sweet

    Did you know that chocolate has been satisfying cravings for almost 4000 years? If you're like us and can't live without it, then you've probably wondered how it came to be in the first place. You may know that cocoa beans originated in South America's Amazon rainforest, but there's a lot you probably don't know about how our great, great ancestors and beyond used to enjoy this timeless indulgence. For example, everyone's favorite sweet treat wasn't always so sweet. Take a quick trip with us through the history of our beloved chocolate.

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  4. Dynamic Candy Combos are the Newest Trend

    Dynamic Candy Combos are the Newest Trend

    Whoever said 'two heads are better than one' was most likely talking about WarHeads. But of course, we believe the whole concept of 'more is better' applies to ALL candy. We're thinking not only in terms of quantity, but also when two or more of everyone's favorite types of candies combine for the ultimate sweet treat. We've put together a list of some awesome candy combos that are new to our product list, so you can win over your customers with double the deliciousness.

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  5. Why Your Business Should Buy Chocolate in Bulk

    Why Your Business Should Buy Chocolate in Bulk

    You've probably heard the saying 'you have to buy more to save more.' And if you've ever been to Costco or Sam's Club, then you can most likely confirm. But what's better than stocking up on packages of toilet paper or bins of hand soap for the office is loading up on pounds of delicious, creamy chocolate!

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  6. Top Candy Picks for Back to School Lunches

    Top Candy Picks for Back to School Lunches

    A new school year is upon us! Kids these days are really growing up fast, but one thing will never change their love for candy! You just can't outgrow the simple pleasure of finding the perfect sweet surprise in your lunch box. As the top wholesale candy distributor online, we know a thing or two about the classic sweets and new treats that kids love finding in their school lunches! So we've compiled a candy guide to help you ace all of this year's back to school lunch treats.

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  7. The Ultimate Food Fight: Milk Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate

    The Ultimate Food Fight: Milk Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate

    It's a debate as old as time itself: Milk Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate. While health enthusiasts have a firm stance behind dark, some people just will never waver from their love for milk. But we would never want to limit anyone to only one type of chocolate, so we’ve got all the facts to help you see why every diet and every confectionery shop should have plenty of each!

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