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  1. Best Candy Gifts for Mother’s Day

    Best Candy Gifts for Mother’s Day

    If there’s one thing you never outgrow, it’s candy. That means your parents probably love candy as much as you do. So this Mother’s Day, instead of being one of mom’s many flower deliveries (your dad is all over it), surprise her with something she’ll really love! We’ve got some suggestions for the best candy gifts to make your mom feel special this Month

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  2. 2019 Retail Confectioners Convention & Industry Expo

    2019 Retail Confectioners Convention & Industry Expo

    We’re so excited to be exhibiting at the year’s Retail Confectioners Convention & Industry Expo! It’s such a wonderful event that we look forward to attending every year. Not only do we enjoy exhibiting our best wholesale confectionery products, but we love meeting new people and running into some of our oldest and best customers. In addition to the expo, the five-day event also includes an array of education sessions, workshops, clinics, tours, and fun social gatherings. This event is not to be missed!

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  3. 5 Ways To Add Sprinkles To Your Confections

    5 Ways To Add Sprinkles To Your Confections

    Here at Royal, we were super excited when a brand new line of sprinkles arrived at our warehouse. We had been anticipating their arrival because we knew that our customers were eager to try them and we knew they would love them as much as we do. Their fun, bright colors and perfect texture make them a great addition to so many confections we thought we’d share a few sweet ideas with you. So be sure to stock up on these awesome sprinkles in a variety of colors to use on your treats and mix into custom color combinations!

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  4. Tips & Tricks for the Ultimate Candy Buffet

    Tips & Tricks for the Ultimate Candy Buffet

    Special occasions are always best celebrated with candy. There’s no better way to congratulate a couple on their engagement, shower a soon-to-be mom, or recognize employee accomplishments than by designating a whole table to all of their favorite candies! As event season really kicks into high gear, a candy buffet is a perfect way to make every graduation, wedding, shower or get together on your schedule extra special. Impress your guests with these tips & tricks to the ultimate candy buffet.

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  5. America’s Favorite Jelly Bean Flavors

    America’s Favorite Jelly Bean Flavors

    If your Easter baskets each year look like most, they probably always include some jelly beans. And this year, National Jelly Bean Day happened to be the very next day! So after just celebrating both holidays with lots of our Jelly Belly bites, we got to thinking about what types of jelly bean flavors people like the most. With over 200 flavors out there, we did some research on America’s favorite jelly bean flavors so you could have the answers.

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  6. The History of the Chocolate Truffle

    The History of the Chocolate Truffle

    The chocolate truffle is one of the most popular and fascinating of all confections. As much as we love to eat them, many of us have no idea what exactly makes them so incredibly good. In honor of National Truffle Day this May, we decided it’s time to lose some of that mystery, so when you take your next bite of a decadent truffle, you can appreciate the taste even more! Here’s a brief history of the chocolate truffle:

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  7. The Rise of Healthy Indulgences

    The Rise of Healthy Indulgences

    In today’s health-conscious world, the word “indulgence” doesn’t even seem to have the same meaning it once did. And now the term “healthy indulgence” has become a big component of the eating experience. Since 2016, it’s been the increasingly more popular way to satisfy that sweet tooth. And since the candy industry is basically synonymous with the indulgence industry, we decided to learn a little more about the rise of healthy indulgences and how it’s changing the way people snack.

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  8. Best Kids Birthday Party Candy

    Best Kids Birthday Party Candy

    When it comes to birthday parties, one thing will always be true: there MUST be candy. If there isn’t, then you need to fire your party planner (even if that’s you). We know, we know; cake is usually the highlight of the day, but the best part about candy is the kids can enjoy it on the move, all party long! Plus, would party favors even exist without candy? Probably not. So as you start planning your next celebration, here are our recommendations for the best kids birthday party candy.

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