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  1. How To Prepare Your For Small Business Saturday

    How To Prepare Your For Small Business Saturday

    Although Royal Wholesale isn’t considered and small business, we know that many of our customers are. With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to provide you with some great tips on how you can prepare your business to take part in Small Business Saturday. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Small Business Saturday takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving and encourages people across the country to support small, local businesses. Founded in 2010 by American Express, Small Business Saturday has helped promote small businesses and the communities they serve. As a small business owner, you too can take part in Small Business Saturday and use it as a wonderful marketing tool to help grow your business. Here's how:

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  2. Money Saving Tips For Your Candy Store

    Money Saving Tips For Your Candy Store

    No matter what kind of business you own, saving money should be a top priority for you. After all, saving money on store operations means more profit in the bank for you. When it comes to running a confectionery business, the number one way to save money and keep your profits up is to keep the products on your shelves selling quickly. This can be a difficult task for many store owners, especially when it comes to seasonal treats and unpopular items. These types of candies end up getting marked down in price until they eventually sell, just so you can get rid of them and free up your shelf space and purchasing budget to buy a new product. More often than not, marking items down leaves you breaking even, or worse yet, in the red. Nothing bugs us more than seeing our customers take a loss on a product. Therefore, we've come up with the creative tips below to help you give your candies a second chance at a full-price sale.

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  3. Top 5 Marketing Themes For Fall

    Top 5 Marketing Themes For Fall

    Next to the December holiday rush, fall is the busiest time of year for most confectionery businesses. There are many events and holidays that take place during this season and the time to prepare for them is NOW. So before you get caught up in a massive fall frenzy, here are the top 5 marketing themes you need to plan for at this time of year.

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  4. 5 Benefits of Using Social Media for Your Confectionery Business

    5 Benefits of Using Social Media for Your Confectionery Business

    When you're running a busy confectionery business, it can be difficult to find the time to manage social media accounts as well. Many people believe that it's not worth investing their time on social media, but even spending a minimal amount of time on the task can be extremely beneficial to your business in the long run. Here's how:

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  5. Why Your Confectionery Business Needs A Blog

    Why Your Confectionery Business Needs A Blog

    Some of you may be subscribed to a blog that you read regularly. Many of you probably read a blog post one or more times per day and don't even realize it. That great cake recipe you were checking out... That's a blog. The web page that explained how to create a perfect candy buffet! That's a blog too. The internet is loaded with blog posts, so why should your confectionery business add one to the mix? Well for starters, a recent HubSpot survey showed that 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. If the promise of more customers isn't enough to get you blogging, here are some other equally convincing reasons why you should get started.

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  6. Mother's Day Marketing Tips

    Mother's Day Marketing Tips

    Mother's Day marketing can be a tricky business. You want to appeal to moms because plenty of moms will be shopping for their own mothers, but you also need to appeal to husbands and kids who will be out there shopping as well and who may not be the savviest of shoppers. Here are some creative ways you can market your confectionery business to a wide audience and capitalize on holiday sales.

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  7. How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

    How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

    In the age of the internet, word can travel quickly about your business, especially if a customer leaves an online review. There is certainly no shortage of avenues for people to voice their opinions online. Reviews can be left on social media sites, consumer reporting sites and even your own website if you have a page set up for it. Having so many outlets for reviews can be fantastic for your business. Who wouldn't want someone raving about their business where it's visible to a countless number of people? The problem arises when customers leave negative reviews, or worse, flat out bash your business. So what should you do when this happens? Here are 3 simple tips to help you navigate through the negativity:

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  8. Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Retail Candy Business

    Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Retail Candy Business

    Social media marketing is no longer the wave of the future. It's the wave of the present. Candy retailers who fail to realize the power of social media in relation to their business are missing out on a key aspect of their overall digital marketing strategy. With a proper social media presence, candy retailers can achieve many of their business goals such as increased brand awareness, higher quality customer service, and stronger customer loyalty. Listed below are a few tips to help you improve your business' social media presence so you can take full advantage of everything that this facet of digital marketing has to offer.

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