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  1. Tips for Storing Chocolate in the Summer

    Tips for Storing Chocolate in the Summer

    The harsh winter weather is behind us but now we have to face the heat in these upcoming summer months. Here are some useful tips to prevent your chocolate from turning into hot cocoa:

    1) Summer is among us and the last thing we would want is our delicious chocolate melting because of the brutal heat. Chocolate begins to soften at 85 degrees and it starts to melt at 95 degrees. In other words, if you want hot cocoa real quick store it in a room 95 degrees or hotter. If you want to prevent that from happening make sure that designated are is in a room with a temperature between 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit. When chocolate begins to melt it loses its temper or it begins to bloom. A sugar bloom process means the cocoa butter inside the chocolate begins to separate from the rest of it's ingredients. You can still eat it but it does not look visually pleasing.

    2) If you keep your chocolate in bags be sure to keep them in air tight bags or the chocolate will begin the blo

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  2. Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Retail Candy Business

    Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Retail Candy Business

    Social media marketing is no longer the wave of the future. It's the wave of the present. Candy retailers who fail to realize the power of social media in relation to their business are missing out on a key aspect of their overall digital marketing strategy. With a proper social media presence, candy retailers can achieve many of their business goals such as increased brand awareness, higher quality customer service, and stronger customer loyalty. Listed below are a few tips to help you improve your business' social media presence so you can take full advantage of everything that this facet of digital marketing has to offer.

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